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Bone Product Care

Bone inlay furniture pieces add unique character and texture to your interior. Exquisitely handcrafted over many weeks by expert artisans using techniques passed down from generation to generation, delicate bone tiles are individually hand cut and placed to form an intricate pattern that brings a distinct bespoke accent to your living spaces.

As bone is a natural product, each furniture piece carries its own unique characteristics of tone and texture. Just as in nature, each piece is individual and may vary slightly from the image on the website with natural flaws, imperfections, and variances being part of its unique character and a beautiful reflection of its hand crafted authenticity.
Most importantly you can be assured that all our bone furniture items are obtained from ethical and sustainable sources.

To maintain your beautiful CAFE LIGHTING & LIVING bone inlay furniture piece,
we ask you to follow these simple product care steps:

• Remove surface dust weekly with a clean, slightly damp, soft cloth 
• Wipe over gently with a dry cloth to ensure there is no remaining moisture. 
• Protect your beautiful piece from hot surfaces with a quality cork-backed coaster, trivet or placemat
• Always protect from cold or wet surfaces (like cups or glasses) which may mark the bone inlay with a quality cork-backed coaster or placemat 
• Wipe up spills immediately with a soft,  dry cloth using a blotting motion.
• Always protect bone inlay from damage by ensuring items placed on top (like lamps and ornaments) have a felt backing.
• Maintain a moderate temperature around your bone inlay furniture. 

• Do not place anything wet or moist  directly on your bone inlay furniture.
• Do not place anything hot directly on your bone inlay furniture.
• Do not expose bone inlay furniture to extremes in temperature or humidity.
• Avoid placing bone products in direct sunlight as UV rays can cause fading and damage. 
• Do not use abrasive cleaning products or chemicals. Modern cleaners often have harmful bleaching or acetone based ingredients which can effect the bone inlay surface.
• Do not place near heating or cooling sources as extremes in temperature can cause the materials to expand and contract resulting in damage.
• Do not allow bone or resin pieces that are cemented together to soak in water as this will cause the adhesive to loosen.

• Bone inlay surfaces are porous and can be best protected with a small amount of gentle furniture wax, like colourless beeswax. This can be applied in a gentle circular motion to create a natural barrier, and ensure the coloured resin does not dry out. Colourless beeswax can also be used to treat surface scratches.

• Bone is a natural material and therefore will display natural variations. As it ages, it may change colour - largely dependent on its exposure to light. This is called ‘mellowing’ and is not considered a defect.

• Bone inlay furniture is vulnerable to scratches, chips and other damage,  therefore extra care should be taken during handling.

Download your bone product care guide here


We acknowledge that animal based, or derived, products are not for everyone.  Typically, such products are sourced as by-products of the food production industry. Our trading terms with our suppliers require that all products meet or exceed strict Australian Government safety, testing, certification and import standards.


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