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Marble and stone are some of the most beautiful surfaces you can have in your home offering classic good looks and timeless style. As in nature, each piece of marble is individual, offering unique colouring and veining. Although marble is an extremely durable surface, there are some distinctive factors to consider when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. To make your job as easy as possible and ensure your marble and stone will remain beautiful and serve you for decades, we suggest following a few preventative measures to avoid the kind of marks which make cleaning difficult.


a note on our marble products

As marble is a naturally porous surface it can be damaged by liquids and heat. While the process of polishing does provide some protection, the polished surface is still susceptible to damage from exposure to heat, moisture or spills … treat marble as you would a fine wood finish.

a note on our stone products


Although reconstituted stone generally has a higher tolerance than that of marble, it is still important to care for stone surfaces as you would marble, and treat spills immediately.


To maintain your beautiful CAFE LIGHTING & LIVING marble or stone furniture piece, we ask you to follow these simple product care steps:

• Wipe over with a clean, dry cloth after use.

• Wipe with a clean, slightly damp, soft  cloth weekly to remove surface dirt and dust. Follow with a soft dry cloth to avoid streaks or spotting. Microfibre cloths are good for this purpose.

• Always protect marble from wet surfaces  (like glasses) or stains with a quality cork backed coaster or placemat.
• Ensure a suitable surface, like a chopping board, is used for any food or drink  preparation.

• Wipe up spills immediately with a soft, damp cloth, particularly liquids likely to stain or etch into the surface. Do this using a blotting motion (do not rub) so as not to spread the stain.

• Always protect marble from hot surfaces and candles with a coaster, trivet or placemat.
• Always protect marble from damage by ensuring items placed on top (like lamps and ornaments) have a felt backing.

• Use specialised spot cleaners to treat stains.  You can use marble polishing cream on a soft cloth to spot-clean polished marble.

• Do not place anything wet or moist (like glasses) directly on your marble surface  as it may cause staining or etching.

• Do not allow water to pool on the surface for long periods of time as this may cause  discolouration.

• Do not allow acidic liquids like citrus juices, tomatoe based sauces, alcohol,  soft drinks, milk, oils and vinegar products  to come into contact with marble as they will damage the marble surface.

• Do not place anything hot directly on your marble furniture as it may mark the surface. This includes candles.

• Do not use general household cleaning products, vinegar, bleach or ammonia as these can burn the surface

• Do not use scouring powders and abrasives as they will scratch the surface.

• Do not slide objects across your marble or stone table top as this may scratch the surface.

• No stone or marble item is suitable for outdoor use unless stated.

• ‘Etching’ is when the polished marble surface becomes dull or matte. This can occur when acidic liquids are left to sit on the surface and react with the stone’s calcium carbonate. Repolishing is required to remove this.

• Staining can occur when coloured liquid (like sauces) are left on marble surface and then absorbed into the marble creating a stain.

• To clean oil-based spills, first soak up as much as possible with plain paper towel. Cover the area with a thin layer of cornflour or talcum powder to draw out the oil.

• Our marble has been polished and treated with a light sealant. To further protect your marble from stains and spills in high use situations, we would recommend treating the surface with an appropriate sealer developed specifically for stone or marble and reapplying annually or as required.

• Sealing repels staining agents but doesn't make marble stainproof. When water no longer beads, it's time to reseal.

• Marble is especially brittle, so if an item is dropped on top of it, the surface may chip.

• If in doubt, contact a professional marble restoration and refinishing service in your area for further care and maintenance advice to suit your specific needs.

Download your marble and stone product care guide here


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