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The Science of Property Styling

Date: 01-Dec-2020

The Science of Property Styling

Insider tips from fast growing, Sydney based property guru
Kyara Coakes

When selling a home, the first impression the property makes on potential buyers is crucial. Get it right and you have the secret weapon for a successful sale! If you don't you may just struggle to receive a reasonable offer.

Also known as home staging - property styling involves the use of professional presentation techniques to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. As one of the biggest financial moves you can make, it only makes sense that sellers increase their home’s appeal to buyers with property styling.

For over six years, the team at CAFE LIGHTING & LIVING have worked closely with the Property Stylist, watching the business grow exponentially across Sydney along many other industry professionals, Australia wide. 

The CL&L team spoke with Kyara Coakes, professional property guru, founder and design director of The Property Stylist. Read on to learn insider tips to the science of property styling and how to build a successful property styling business in 2021.


Q: Kyara, thanks for chatting with us today! Let’s get right into it..
Would you say there is a science to property styling? And what are your insider tips to consider when styling a property to sell?

Great to chat with you! First of all, Property Styling is not about filling the space with furniture or placing artwork or a mirror on a wall. Property styling has become a sophisticated science for influencing buyer psychology. Property styling essentially ensures your property outshines comparable listings.

When styling a property to sell we always select individual pieces of furniture and artwork with buyer demographic in mind - reimagining spaces and layouts in a way that is inspiring.

We strategically use our design toolkit to highlight areas of
value and mask any distractions

This strategy ultimately, influences the overall perception of the property and has been a winning formula for our clients.

Including a property stylist as part of a property sale proposition can really
reap great returns. says Kyara. 

The three style gurus at The Property Stylist - Kyara, Hanna and Mia, work closely with several Real Estate agents. They have built a reputation of success over the years, ultimately leading to further job recommendations. Agents even include The Property Stylist as part of their sales package knowing their service has repeatedly helped them achieve sales results beyond expectation.

Q: We love how you style a mix of classic and contemporary in many of your projects, what are your main considerations when deciding how to style each property?

Each project is different, a mission of one style fits all, just won’t cut it in the market right now. Essentially, I take my cues from the property location and architecture. We like to give our properties a fresh look. We want the buyer to connect with the property and imagine themselves living there. Our style brings them a sense of comfort and soul. We have found that using too many contemporary pieces can leave a property feeling cold, so we found the secret recipe is to find the perfect balance of high end contemporary and classic pieces.

Q: You mentioned that the key to great results is using a combination of high end furniture and feature products ….
What is your favourite CL&L pieces to use and why?

We love using pieces from CAFE LIGHTING & LIVING as they bring that real sense of luxe to our spaces.
I select many of my foundation pieces here and find that they are really adaptable to be used again and again in different settings, reinterpreted with the change up of art and accessories. I particularly love some of the curvy pieces like the sleek Cocktail Coffee Table and Tubby Swivel Chairs that add a visual softness to the space and keep things fresh.

CL&L Statement Products

 “bring that real sense of luxe to our spaces.” Says Kyara.
“I select many of my foundation pieces here and find that they are really adaptable to be used again and again in different settings.”

Q: What is the feedback from clients once they see their properties re-imagined?

It can really be quite powerful – this is the part of the job I love the most. One client was so in love with the way her home looked once we had styled it for sale, she commissioned us to style her new residence. Even small changes like repositioning a sofa, or a well-positioned artwork can make a huge difference to how a home feels.


Q: Would you say that is the best part of your job?

Absolutely! bringing the final styling touches to life once everything is in place.

This always brings me joy. The client’s happiness makes everything worthwhile.


Q: What would you say is the most challenging part of your job?

The logistics - you can never underestimate the amount of energy logistics require. From deliveries, to warehousing products to product care. There are a lot of elements (not so fun, sometimes) that come together for that final photo you see on Instagram. 

Q: We love your impeccable taste,
tell us what is the secret formula to the Property Stylist's success?

Unlike many stylists who will cut costs on critical elements like high end furniture, I make sure the finest designer household assets are strategically placed to enrich your home’s appearance without the added expense.

Working in the industry for over 10 years I understand how buyers
flow through the space so that I can spatially plan each area of the home.

I have to say, this has repeatedly led to sale prices outperforming expectations.

Q: The results speak for themselves … what would you say to anyone who is considering a property stylist for the sale of their home?

Selling your home is one of the biggest financial moves you can make. Including a property stylist as part of this proposition can really reap great returns. We have been doing this for so long that we have our processes that are truly refined. We work closely with several Real Estate agents who recommend us as part of their sales package due to the fact that our service has repeatedly helped them achieve sales results beyond expectation.

Q: It has been an absolute pleasure to chat with you today, any future business plans in the works?

Interiors have been my passion for many years, a few of our property styling clients propositioned us to style their new homes and that had us thinking!

So I’m proud to say, we have extended our services to include interior design and relocation designs. A natural transition for us, with fantastic opportunities so far.

I cannot wait to see where the market brings us next.


There is no doubt property stylists, home stagers and interior stylists are in high demand across Australia. But while their services may not come cheap, the benefits far outweigh the costs. It could mean the difference between a successful sale above reserve that a non-professional presentation just could not achieve.


A successful Property Styling business in 2021 means creating that great first impression, that first feeling that connects the right demographic, to the right setting. At CAFE LIGHTING & LIVING our statement furniture, lighting and homewares products are designed to adapt to a variety of interiors bringing that sense of belonging to a home.

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